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It’s not often that you have to open up the bolt of your Remington 700 rifle to clean it but when you do you’ll want to make sure you’re not marring it up in the process. Fix-It Sticks is well known for making some very handy and compact tools that can be packed up and stowed away in any range pack for quick access either at home, on the gun bench or in the field when they’re needed. Fix-It Sticks just dropped their new Remington 700 Bolt Opener Tool that makes opening/disassembling a Remington 700 bolt quick and easy giving you quick access to the bolt body and firing pin.

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New Quick and Easy Remington Bolt Opener Tool from Fix It Sticks

Using the Remington 700 Bolt Opener is intuitive and easy. With the bolt removed from the rifle, place the back of the Remington 700 bolt through the tool so the polymer insert is contacting the bolt shroud, engage the firing pin with the firing pin catch at the bottom of the tool, then simply retract the firing pin to with a “bottle opening” action. With the spring pressure now off the bolt body, simply unscrew the firing pin assembly. Reverse the procedure to reinstall the firing pin. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

The new Remington 700 Bolt Opener has a steel tool body for maximum strength with a polymer insert to protect the finish of the bolt shroud. Like all Fix It Sticks tool bits, it works with all Fixt It Sticks drivers as well as any ¼ hex bit driver and is now available with an MSRP of $20.00.

Remington Bolt Opener

  • Levers the firing pin head with a “bottle opener” action
  • Molded synthetic polymer bushing protects bolt plug from damage
  • Designed to work with Remington 700 bolts, as well as other manufacturers with similar designs
  • Metal ¼” Hex Base allows it to work with any ¼” driver
  • Integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks T-Handle Drivers.

NOTE: Fix It Sticks Not Included

Fix It Sticks already has a load of useful tools in a lot of their kits and this is just another small addition that can make your own personal range or benchtop toolkit just a bit more complete and useful. With the Remington 700 Bolt Opener Tool, you won’t have to go hunting around for coins, shoestrings, or shims in order to disassemble and clean the interior of your bolt.

New Quick and Easy Remington Bolt Opener Tool from Fix It Sticks New Quick and Easy Remington Bolt Opener Tool from Fix It Sticks

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