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Guns are machines. No matter how well-made or expensive a machine is, it will break at some point. For this reason, firearms with higher round counts could benefit from having some tools and spare parts around. Batteries in electronic optics can die at inopportune times if not replaced regularly. This is a good reason to keep spares. The problem with carrying spare batteries and tools is that they’re always in my bag. If I needed my rifle off the range and had a part break or an optic die, I would be SOL. To address this problem, Strike Industries has released the Strike Pistol Grip Plug Tool Holder Insert. This allows you to carry your spares in the gun.

Strike Industries @ TFB:

The Strike Pistol Grip Plug Tool Holder Insert is a drop-in installation insert with compatible SI pistol grip plugs. Directly install this tool holder insert into your the grip plug that is included with your SI pistol grip and give yourself an instant added organized storage compartment. Securely store multiple punch, hex, torx, firing pin reservoir and other similar tools.

Plug It Up: The Strike Industries Grip Plug Tool Holder

Grip Plug Tool Holder

The first thing I need to point out is that this has some pretty specific compatibility requirements, so make sure you check the product page before ordering. The insert goes into your existing Strike Pistol Grip Plug. In the package, you get the insert, as well as a small reservoir. This can be used for holding lubricant, thread locker, or a small amount of pre-workout for when it’s time to go all itchy-hands on some steel. The divider slots keep your tools from rattling around in the grip.

Grip Plug Tool Holder


  • Length: 1.41″
  • Width: 0.74″
  • Height: 0.80″
  • Weight: 0.2 oz
  • MSRP: $6.95

Grip Plug Tool Holder

If you find value in keeping spares on hand, take a look at these on the Strike Industries website. Take a look at the other items they produce for your AR-patterned rifles. Also, take a look at their YouTube channel for videos about each of their products, as well as videos on how to install your parts. You can find Strike on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Give them a follow to get updates on everything they’re doing.

Grip Plug Tool Holder

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