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SIG SAUER and SOG Knives have announced four new collaborative knife models, available on SIG's website now.

Of course we all know that SIG SAUER is renowned for producing a host of fine firearms, but that’s not all they do. They augment their pistol and rifle offerings with a host of complimentary products. Many of these are directly gun-related, like optics, ammo, and suppressors. SIG has also previously offered some folding knives, which you can use to compliment your handgun and round out your everyday carry. Currently available knife options include two models from Kershaw, and one with Hogue that’s Legion-member eligible only.

Now SIG has announced four new knife models, in a partnership with longtime blade industry staple SOG knives. Available now from SIG’s website for all buyers are the Ultra XR Carbon and Terminus XR folders, as well as two colorways of the Vision XR knife for Legion members only: in FDE and Cool Gray versions.

SIG SAUER and SOG's new lightweight Ultra XR Carbon knife.

SIG SAUER and SOG’s new lightweight Ultra XR Carbon knife.

The Ultra XR Carbon is priced at $134.99 MSRP. It differs the most from the other three new SOG models, with the Terminus XR and Vision XR knives featuring similar grip and blade shapes. The Ultra XR Carbon breaks from these with its slightly more squat, chunky profile. This knife’s party piece is its lightness – just 1.2 ounces, thanks to materials like the carbon fiber handle and titanium pocket clip. Combine this with a svelte 0.08″ worth of blade thickness, and it looks to be a near-effortless pocket carrier.

The all-black Terminus XR blade.

The all-black Terminus XR blade.

The Terminus XR is SIG/SOG’s other publicly-available model from this release. It costs less than half as much as the carbon-bearing version above, at just $59.99 MSRP. For this amount you get an all-black knife weighting 3.2 ounces, with its 2.95″ blade and standard G10 handle material. The straight-edged blade features a clip point and less of a belly than its Carbon cousin, and should be well-suited for general, day-to-day use and abuse and a variety of other tasks.

Legion members can access this special-edition Vision XR in either Cool Gray...

Legion members can access this special-edition Vision XR in either Cool Gray…

For Legion members, two other SOG models are at your disposal – or should we say, more accurately, the Vision XR model is offered in either FDE or Cool Gray aesthetics. This knife is the longest of the three, with its 8.01″ overall measurement compared with the other knives’ 6.4″ and 7.21″. The tanto-tipped blade comes in at 3.36″ and the total package weighs 4.40 ounces.

SIG’s Legion logo is laser-cut into the handle, for that “members only” distinction. Of note, SOG claims that their locking mechanism on this design can bear up to a significant 1,500 pounds of force. The price isn’t shown without logging in to your Legion account, but for at least a ballpark reference, SOG’s non-SIG branded version bears a $149.95 MSRP.

... or FDE, both of which are finishes exclusive to the SIG SAUER co-brand, not available with SOG's other knife distributors/retailers.

… or FDE, both of which are finishes exclusive to the SIG SAUER co-brand, not available with SOG’s other knife distributors/retailers.

What do you think, readers? Do you SIG SAUER firearms owners want knives to match your guns? Any interest in coordinating your EDC pistol and knife for the ‘Gram? Do these blades seem like solid options in their own right? Or would you just as soon take a pass on these and use a different, non-SIG branded knife instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See you at the range.

Photos courtesy of SIG Sauer.

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