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Vista Outdoor – the parent company for CCI, Federal, Remington, and Speer has just announced that there will be price increases in response to “unprecedented raw material price increases” that have occurred just over the last couple of months. Customers can expect to start seeing the effects of these price increases around July of 2021 for both ammunition and primers.

Vista Outdoor Announces July Price Increases for Components & Ammo

April 1, 202

Dear Customer: 

Thank you for your business and for your continued support of American jobs and manufacturing. With new capital investments and unprecedented raw material price increases during these last few months, it is necessary to raise prices

Effective 7/1/2021 CCI, Federal, Remington, and SPEER ammunition will take a price increase of 7% across all products from our last price list and Primers will increase 15%

Unless you notify us to cancel an order, we will reprice all existing and future orders shipped on or after 7/1/2021 to the new 7/1 prices

You will receive your finalized price list no later than May 28th. 

Thank you for your continued support of our brands and our American workforce. 

Yason R. Vanderbrink 

President Ammunition

Vista Outdoors Announces July Price Increases for Components & Ammo

I’ve come to expect price increases over the last couple of years and that isn’t a good thing. While I understand that the times usually dictate the pricing of ammunition and components, I can’t feel anything but dread anytime there is some major event that causes disruptions in the supply chain or threatens to restrict firearms in some way – these things usually lead to price increases and demand for ammunition/components.

For what it’s worth, I have recently seen ammunition shelves restocked at some big box stores, albeit with inflated pricing (presumably to discourage scalpers). Perhaps in time, these prices too will drop and ammunition won’t continue to see price increases that will inevitably price out the less fortunate of us who can’t devote significant portions of our income to buy ammo.

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