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There is an ammo shortage. There has been an ammo shortage. There will continue to be an ammunition shortage for the foreseeable future, and not just for the common cartridges like 9mm and .223. 5.7×28 ammo is increasingly hard to come by, as is .224 Valkyrie. There is nothing we can do about that (see below for more). What we can do is provide another place where you can buy ammo online — and then work our asses off to keep it in stock. 

It’ll be a Sisyphean task, but we’ll give it a whirl. 

Reasons for ammo shortage

Why is there an ammo shortage? We’ll explain below. In the meantime, follow GunMag Warehouse on Instagram for updates on what ammunition we have in stock.

GunMag Warehouse recently began carrying ammunition in various calibers, by various manufacturers. As you might expect, we sell out almost as soon as we update the site with a “back in stock”. We’re working to expand both on-hand supply and our sources. 

Note: we’re not espousing any particular cartridge for any specific purpose (in this article). For that, you’ll need to hit some of our reviews…which are, as you might imagine, a bit harder to accomplish now thanks to the damn ammo shortage!


Federal American Eagle

In the Warehouse

5.7×28 Ammo, 40gr FMJ, 50 round box

5.7×28 ammo has been around since the advent of the SS90. Nowadays it seems harder to find 5.7 x 28 ammo than it does some of the old KTW Kennertium stuff. 

5.7x28mm Ammo

Brass 5.7x28mm FMJBT.


Federal American Eagle 5.7x28mm ammo

5.7×28 ammo by Federal American Eagle, Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail.


PMC Ammo

In the Warehouse. 

PMC, or “Precision Made Cartridges”, is located in Houston, TX. 

PMC Bronze 9mm 115Gr FMJ, 50 Round Box

PMC Bronze by PMC Ammunition

PMC Bronze in 9mm Luger. PMC Bronze is manufactured in the USA. 


PMC X Tac 5.56mm 62Gr LAP, 20 Round Box

green tip ammo by PMC Ammunition

Green tip ammo anyone? PMC X TAC 62gr LAP (5.56mm). PMC X Tac is manufactured in South Korea. 


PMC X Tac 55gr FMJBT, 20 Round Box


PMC X Tac 5.56 Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail. PMC’s X-Tac ammo is made in South Korea.



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