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Mad Pig Customs has taken their modernized lever-action game to the next level, with this 3-stamp “Fudd Breaker”.

In the world of lever guns, Mad Pig Customs has become a bit of a legend. This small Connecticut-based gunsmithing and Cerakote shop has been cranking out fun projects for years, and has garnered something of a cult following on social media. One of Mad Pig‘s particular specialties is modernizing lever-action rifles. They’ll take a customer-supplied firearm like a standard Marlin 1895, 1894, or 336, and bring it from the 19th century into the 21st using what is probably best described as a “mad scientist” approach, or perhaps “yeehaw gat sorcery“. Imagine your grandpa’s trusty, beat-up old truck gun, a wood-stock .45-70 that’s isn’t too far removed from John Wayne, saddlebags, and tumbleweeds rolling across the prairie.

A slightly tamer look at the Fudd Breaker, minus the 40mm launcher, DBAL and optic.

A slightly tamer look at the Fudd Breaker, minus the 40mm launcher, DBAL and optic.

Now imagine that classic design completely renovated, with current-day features and furniture. Mad Pig will breathe new life into that old Marlin. They’ll chop down and thread the barrel, add a muzzle brake or suppressor, fit a new M-LOK handguard and a top optics rail, tune and polish the internals and upgrade the trigger, add a side-mounted quiver for quick-loading additional rounds, and finish it off with a sweet Cerakote job in your choice of color or pattern, from mild to wild. They call this configuration the “Thumper”. According to their website, these build-outs typically end up costing around $1800-1900 inclusive of parts and labor, although the specific options chosen and the base rifle used will cause pricing to vary. This brings us to Mad Pig’s latest announcement, which they’ve dubbed the “Fudd Breaker”. The company’s social media announcement was simple and straightforward:

My wife: “what the hell are you doing with that?!”
Me: Angering the internet.
Behold, THE FUDD BREAKER, 3 stamp Marlin 1894, SBR, @silencerco Osprey, @lmtdefense 40mm M203

A Mad Pig "Thumper" upgrade work-in-progress.

A Mad Pig “Thumper” upgrade work-in-progress.

While they’re certainly no strangers to one- or two-stamp lever guns, as you can see in the photo above, Mad Pig Customs has taken this particular Thumper-based gun a step further. On top of making this rifle an SBR and using a SilencerCo Osprey suppressor, the inclusion of an underslung LMT M203 40mm grenade launcher makes the Fudd Breaker a three-stamp lever-action rifle – quite possibly the only one in the world. A Steiner DBAL and a Vortex Razor AMG optic round out this outlandish offering. If there are more of these kinds of beasts out there, they aren’t really common knowledge. If you own or are aware of other cowboy action three-stampers, please let us know about them! Send in photos and info, or share one in the comments below. Thanks, and see you at the range!

Photos courtesy of Mad Pig Customs.

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