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Remington Ammunition has received some recent website updates.

The Remington name has been inextricably linked to the world of American firearms for most of our nation’s history. Eliphalet Remington II, the then-23-year-old son of a colonial-era blacksmith, made his first flintlock rifle barrel on his father’s forge in 1816. The gun was so well received that he immediately began manufacturing more barrels in quantity, and the foundations of today’s Remington Arms Co. were born. Now more than two centuries later, the brand’s modern firearms are still in heavy circulation all over the United States and beyond. The company also has a major ammunition manufacturing division, Remington Ammunition, producing a wide variety of rifle and pistol calibers, as well as shotshells.

The new site's "About Us" section gives a nod to some of the corporate changes that came about last year, predicating the updates in question.

The new site’s “About Us” section gives a nod to some of the corporate changes that came about last year, predicating the updates in question.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen a fair bit of financial trouble for this much-beloved brand. Bankruptcies, restructuring, buyout bids, and the splitting up of company assets and production divisions have caused more than a little bit of digital ink to be spilled, both on TFB and elsewhere. With bankruptcy proceedings in the offing for 2020, not long after their last bankruptcy filing just two years prior, it was readily apparent that if the storied brand were to have any hope of staying afloat, some changes had to be made – and since then, many have been. Whether it will end up being enough, only time will tell, but we can only hope so. Last year, Vista Outdoors acquired the ammunition operation and facilities in the midst of the industry-wide ammo shortage issues we’ve all come to know far too well. Ammo production appears to be soldiering on in spite of it all, and recently issued the following press release to detail some digital communication and marketplace updates to the brand’s website. The release reads:

Blessedly, they also seem to still be working as hard as possible to help assuage this terrible ammo shortage!

Blessedly, they also seem to still be working as hard as possible to help assuage this terrible ammo shortage!

Lonoke, Arkansas – March 23, 2021 

Remington Ammunition has launched a new website at to make it faster and easier than ever before to find the quality ammunition known by all hunters and shooters. For generations, Remington has been combining the finest components with cutting-edge innovation to deliver top-notch performance in every round of the company’s American-loaded ammunition.

“Our redesigned site with new content, detailed product information, and easy shop-ability will allow Big Green fans to see Remington ammo in a new light,” said Joel Hodgdon, Remington Ammunition’s Marketing Director. “We want everyone who pulls a trigger to learn about our products and find out everything they need to know about Remington ammo.”

Visitors to can easily access detailed product information and load selection advice as well as purchase Remington accessories and merchandise and have it shipped directly to their door. Learn more about Remington’s iconic ammunition for whitetails, waterfowl, wild turkeys, personal defense, target shooting and much more on the brand’s comprehensive line up of ammunition.

“The new website is only the beginning of what Big Green ammo wants to offer hunters and shooters,” said Hodgdon. “The new site is the tip of the iceberg…it shows our renewed commitment to quality, education and innovation in all things ammo.”

To be the first to hear about product availability, exciting new products and everything Remington ammo, visitors to are encouraged to sign up for Remington’s e-newsletter or follow Remington on social media.

Remington ammunition and firearms are now separate companies. Information on Remington firearms can be found at

Find legendary Remington ammunition at dealers nationwide and online. For more information on Remington ammunition and accessories, visit

Photos courtesy of Remington.

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