Governor Spencer Cox Signs Utah Constitutional Carry into Law – Personal Defense World

Governor Spencer Cox Signs Utah Constitutional Carry into Law – Personal Defense World

The state of Utah became the latest to adopt permitless carry, otherwise known as Constitutional Carry. Governor Spencer Cox signed the Utah Constitutional Carry bill into law Feb. 12.



Utah Constitutional Carry Passes

“We need to get back to trusting law-abiding citizens, and get rid of these regulations that are not doing any good,” Brooks told

The law makes it legal to carry concealed in Utah without a concealed carry permit. State Rep. Walt Brooks, a Republican from St. George, sponsored the bill. The new law specifies carries over 21 years old and legally allowed to possess a firearm.

“Utahns are getting the Second Amendment rights the founders intended,” said a National Association for Gun Rights statement, reported

“Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that law-abiding citizens who are legally allowed to possess a handgun, should also be allowed to carry that handgun openly, or concealed, without having to pay a tax or obtain a government permit,” the association wrote, reported

The new law puts Utah into an ever-growing group of states. Utah joins 17 states allowing some form of permitless carry. States include Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Maine, Kansas, West Virginia, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Arkansas, Montana, and Oklahoma.

“With the passage of this bill, Utah joins 17 other states with some form of permitless concealed carry. This bill protects Second Amendment rights, reduces permitless open carry (which is already legal), and includes significant funding for suicide prevention,” said a statement from the Governor’s office.

Last year proved guns matter to Americans more than ever before. In this world of two America’s, guns continue to fly off the shelf. Meanwhile, a president calls for massive gun control regulation. But in 18 states now, some form of permitless carry becomes law of the land.

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