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There’s a Norse dragon on it instead of a rattlesnake, and it’s painted on a Viking shield instead of a banner or a morale patch, but that’s the Gadsden Flag alright. It’s the new Gadsden Flag shirt from Anachrobellum: Til Valhalla III: Don’t Tread on Me. 

Viking style Gadsden Flag

All Anachrobellum (a play on “anachronism” and the Latin word for war) designs involve a mixture of ancient and modern weapons and equipment.

As you can probably tell from the name, they have more than one Viking-themed design available. 

In addition to “typical” Viking fare like a bearded ax, helmet, and chainmail armor, the Norseman in the image is also equipped with a variety of implements that will no doubt be familiar to Mag Life readers. Not least among those is his SBR, which, it should be noted, sports such accessories as: 

a PMAG (of somewhat indeterminate FDE/coyote tan color

a Magpul Ranger Plate (it’s difficult to tell which one)

elements of what appears to be a MOE Mid-Length Furniture Kit

some model of Streamlight

a red dot sight

an RDS magnifier in one of his mag pouches

some sort of silencer 

Similar accouterments adorn his helmet and ear pro, the mag pouches of his load-bearing gear (LBE), and presumably whatever sort of pack he’s wearing. 

Those juxtapositions make sense when you consider the name. The term Anachrobellum ( is apparently a combination (of sorts) of anachronism and the Latin word Bellum: war. Anachrobellum’ss designs typically focus on a mish-mash (kitbash?) of gear from historical warrior archetypes and modern special operations personnel. You can follow them on Insta, @anachrobellum

Gadsden flag shirt - American Viking

It’s hard to tell from this angle, but that lindwyrm. or perhaps representation of “Jörmungandr”, takes the place of a rattlesnake on this distinctly Nordic version of the Gadsden Flag from Anachrobellum.

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