Review: Springfield Armory 1911 TRP

Review: Springfield Armory 1911 TRP

There are handguns, and then there are legends. The 1911 pistol was not designed for economy of manufacture or to sell at a certain price point, but to be the best pistol possible.

The original requirement included dropping enemy warhorses and wild animals with a minimum of well-directed shots. The 1911 holds a special place in my heart, mind and holster.

The pistol has adjudicated arguments in my favor. Those who have vigor and proficiency at arms will find the 1911 is a great fighting handgun.

The combination of features including a low bore axis, straight-to-the-rear trigger compression, a grip safety and a grip that fits most hands well is unequaled after more than 100 years in service.

There is little leverage for the muzzle to rise in recoil. The fit of the 1911 compared to handguns with an oversized double-column magazine is barely comparable.

The 1911’s controls are a marvel of human engineering. The slide-lock safety, magazine release and slide lock are all within easy reach of the average to short finger size.

The slide lock safety offers cocked-and-locked, hammer-to-the-rear carry.

When the safety is disengaged, we have a smooth, straight-to-the-rear trigger press. The grip safety must be depressed to allow the trigger to drop the hammer.

While the safety features of the type are impressive, there is nothing to impede a brilliantly fast and accurate first shot.

Springfield TRP 1911 and shooting gear
The Springfield TRP has proven reliable with a wide range of ammunition.

1911 TRP Features and Specs

Springfield was Colt’s first real competitor. The pistols are well-made of good material and offer a good value for the money beginning with the Mil-Spec and progressing to the Professional Model.

The Tactical Response Pistol is designed for use by military and police special units or individual troops. The TRP features tight fitment.

You cannot take a lesser pistol and create a TRP, it is built on a special assembly line. The fit is tight and the tolerances are kept close.

A pistol with this type of fitting will exhibit less wear in the long run than a looser pistol. Eccentric wear comes from slop.

The TRP is more expensive than the Mil-Spec or Loaded Model as a result of this fitting.

The pistol also features forward and rear cocking serrations, front strap checkering and ambidextrous safety.

The sights are either three-dot Novak types with tritium inserts or a fully-adjustable rear sight.

There are several versions of the TRP, including a stainless-steel version and the black Armory Kote illustrated. I have no strong preference.

Stainless is stain-less and requires some maintenance, Armory Kote has proven durable. There are several versions of the Tactical Response Pistol.

All share the same fitting, attention to detail, reliability and general accuracy. I think the three-dot tritium night sights are probably the most versatile sights for most of us.

For a dedicated handloader, the fully-adjustable rear sight may be a good option.

Springfield TRP Manual Safety
The Springfield TRP features a reinforced ambidextrous slide-lock safety of the type known as the Swenson custom.

1911 TRP Feel and Performance

I have tested the TRP pistol with a wide range of ammunition. Winchester, Browning, Federal, Remington and Hornady have given good results.

Among the most accurate loads has been a handload using the Hornady 230-grain XTP over a stout charge of Unique powder for 900 fps.

This is a formidable loading that offers excellent performance. The TRP is a pistol that rewards those that practice. The trigger action is typically smooth.

Two pistols on hand registered 5.5 and 6.1 pounds, smooth, in trigger compression. The grip safety properly releases its hold on the trigger halfway into movement.

The pistol is well suited to personal defense or military use and represents a highpoint in manufacture.

Springfield TRP Magwell
A heavily checkered front strap, G10 grips and a funneled magazine well are features of the Tactical Response pistol.

Conclusion: Springfield Armory 1911 TRP

The pistol has a few things of concern for the casual shooter. Many may find a pistol such as the Springfield Range Officer superior for their personal use, or at least more than adequate.

The TRP has front strap checkering that is sharper than some. It may abrade your palms and be uncomfortable for some shooters.

It isn’t a problem in firing a couple of magazines, but may bite the shooter in long-range sessions. Wear gloves when practicing.

The Springfield TRP is a formidable firearm that is well worth its price.

What do you think of the Springfield TRP? Let us know in the comments section below!

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