Merry Kalashmas! Your AK Gift Guide Has Arrived


You have a guy or gal in your life who is dedicated to socialism’s only good creation, the AK series of rifles. That’s great, they’re good guns and deserve their reputation. If you don’t happen to be a gun nut or a worshiper at the altar of Kalashnikov then you may be wondering what to get your favorite AK enthusiast. I can assure you they don’t need another Adidas tracksuit. Instead, we’ve put together an AK gift guide for that special AK lover in your life.


Vodka Blaster Clipazines

We’ll start with AK mags, ‘cuz GunMag Warehouse, du. 

Magazine wise we have you covered all day long. From the latest generation of Magpul AK Pmags with the steel-reinforced locking lugs to the classic Bulgarian stamped metal models., we have pretty much anything built for the AKM and its related platform.

For fun and because ‘Murica, we have the KCI Freedom Dispensing 75 round drums, but the best deal might be these 30 round mags from KCI.

Any AK gift guide must begin with AK magazines!

GMW has mags for days and days. 

The above-listed magazine are great, but there are a few that stand out that I want to point out.

Bulgarian Steel Lined

Bulgarian steel lined polymer magazines were well ahead of their time. It took decades for Magpul to catch up with Bulgy magazines and their combination of polymer and metal. The benefits of polymer AK mags are numerous. First, they are lighter than steel magazines. Second, they bang around a lot less than standard metal mags. A couple of AK mags combined into a chest rig is a noisy mother.

Courtesy of Pew Pew Tactical.

The downsides to polymer magazines are the weak points around the locking lugs on the front and rear of the magazine as well as the feed lips. The AK magazine is a heavy-duty item and the Ak beats the hell out of it. The Soviet Union didn’t design the Kalashnikov to be a gentle beast, but a monstrous Orc of a gun that chews and chops at magazines.

As far as our AK gift guide goes the Bulgarian AK magazines offer the most bang for your buck. They are super affordable and designed to last. These magazines are more than a one-trick pony. They feed reliably, are lightweight, and fit near any in spec AK rifle. Bulgarians make one helluva goulash and one awesome AK magazine.

XTech Tactical MAG47

If price is no concern and you want the very best in AK magazines for your loved one then the XTech Tactical MAG47 is the way to go. This American made magazine combined the benefits of steel and polymer to create a rugged and lightweight option for whatever 7/62×39 AK you have. The benefits of a steel and polymer magazine are all present here.

We get an ultralightweight polymer design that is cut with a waffle-like texture to bot reduce weight and increase your ability to maintain a grip on the gun. The steel insert is what makes the XTech magazine different. Instead of separate pieces like the Bulgarian magazine, the steel portion is one solid piece of metal inserted into the polymer.

Courtesy of Xtech.

This cage-like device is a combination of from and rear locking lugs topped off with steel feed lips. The design makes the steel portions stronger and more resistant to wear. The XTech Tactical MAG47 AK magazines might be the best stocking stuffer on our AK gift guide.



Самый славный калибр: Samyy slavnyy kalibr!

Mags aside, the most generic answer for a gift guide is ammo. There is a good reason for that.

Every gun owner always needs more ammo. Always. And since the AK is plenty popular the ammo is (typically) cheap and readily available.

The most common AK variant is in 7.62×39, but 5.45×39 is also popular as well as variants in 223. Hell, there are even AKs with 300 Blackout barrels. So when ammo and magazine shopping it may be wise to wait and figure out exactly what variant your AK lover has.

Courtesy of Magpul


Magazine and Ammo Accessories

At GunMag Warehouse we sell magazines and magazine accessories, I tell you what. Magazines can be accessorized for better function and ease of use and with the right accessory loading ammo into a magazine is easier, faster, and causes a lot less thumb pain. It would a real shame to leave them off our AK gift guide.

I made the change to AK Pmags years ago and never looked back. They are lighter, cheaper, and made in America in case 922.R. is an issue. They can also be outfitted with Ranger Plates by Magpul. These base plates make it easy to draw your magazine from your mag pouch.

Magpul Coupler- Courtesy Magpul

Additionally, who doesn’t want to couple their magazines? Duct tape is one way, but magazine couplers from ProMag and Magpul are another. The ProMag models come in variants for metal or polymer magazines. Magpul’s are designed specifically for their Pmags. These connect two magazines together and make reloads fast and intuitive.

When it comes to loading magazines the Maglula loader is one of the best tools you can get. If your favorite AK enthusiast likes metal mags they will certainly appreciate saving his thumbs loading them. It’ll also be faster and can be done while watching Red Dawn. No AK gift guide is complete without a mag loader. The best of the best is the MagPump loader, it will make your life so much easier.


The AK is a pretty modular platform and there are lots of different options for furniture. From the standard wood to the more modern and advanced Magpul goodies. The Zhukov stock, in particular, is one of my favorites,. The Zhukov stock is a Magpul design and is likely named after Soviet War Hero Georgy Zhukov. This guy was the Soviet badass who was seen as a threat by Stalin. The man also got White Coke into Russia, and I mean white Coca Cola, not the Miami Vice kind.

Zhukov Stock – Courtesy Magpul

The Zhukov stock is a folding design that goes to the right so you can still fold the stock and mount optics on a side scope mount. The Zhukov stock is unlike any other AK stock. Instead of being a wood paddle perfect for kayaking, or a thin metal folder perfect for offer zero cheek weld, it’s a combination of the best of both worlds.

The Zhukov offers you the ability to turn your AK super-compact while offering you all the features of a modern stock. This includes an actual cheek rest for accurate shots, QD slots for a sling, and optional cheek riser support. The Zhukov stock even offers an adjustable length of pull with 5 different positions. The Zhukov stocks will lift AK47/74 models, and a special model is produced for those thicc Yugoslavian AK receivers.

What About an AK Pistol?

You can’t toss a stock on an AK pistol, but that is where braces come in. In a day where the Draco rules we can’t leave the idea of an AK pistol off our list. AK pistols are heavy, unwieldy, and the addition of a brace makes it much easier to wield and accurately shoot. There are a few options for the AK pistol.

The first is the straight-up SOB brace from SB Tactical designed for the AK series of pistols. This big beefy brace looks modern and adds an edge to the design that works it much easier to wield and shoot your AK pistol of choice. The other option is an adapter that allows you to use any brace which uses a AR 15 style receiver extension. This opens you up to nearly any brace on the market including the SBA3 and SBA4 adjustable designs.

Either way, these braces attach between your receiver and pistol grip and do require proper placement. Do it right and it will make your AK pistol easy to handle and it most certainly easier to use with a red dot.


What kind of AK owner are you shopping for? The “Nyet, rifle is fine,” type or the “Let’s make it modern type?” Either way you have sling options available. From old school Soviet Russian Military surplus slings to the modern Blue Force Gear Vickers AK sling you got lots of options. My SIG 556R AK wannabe wears a Special Edition Vickers sling that is a little bit of both.

A sling is an invaluable piece of gear for any rifle and it makes a great gift, especially if you are really clueless on what to get your AK fan.

Vickers AK sling on my almost an AK SIG

Authentic Russian (Or Eastern European) Optics

For the Die Hard AK enthusiast, there is nothing better than authentic optics. They can be tricky to find, and are expensive, but are an amazing gift. Kalinka Optics imports numerous optics that fall into this category. You generally want to look for the POSP Series of optics in a fixed 4 power configuration. Additionally, Kobra red dots are popular choices due to their Russian parentage as are PK-01 optics.

In Russia Optic See You Courtesy Kalinka Optics

This is the final suggestion in our AK gift guide and is really for the hardcore AK enthusiast. The casual user or AK Fan may not be as impressed as the guy who can tell you the subtle differences in AKs from Yugoslavia and Romania.

Optics from this Century

I covered the Eastern European optics so my purists should be satisfied with that portion of the AK gift guide. However, if you want something a little more modern, and likely a little cheaper then check out the Holosun options. These modern red dots are perfect for an optic’s ready AK or an AK you’re gonna make optic’s ready.

The HS510C is my favorite choice. The square style design opens up your field of view and offers you an excellent option for a home defense AK. The multiple reticle choices give a few options, including a 2 MOA dot, a 65 MOA ring, or a combination of the dot with the ring. This is perfect for use inside of AK ranges. The HS501C is backed with a solar failsafe, a battery that lasts 50k hours, day and night vision settings and so much more at a lower price point. Pair it with an Aimpoint Magnifier for a pro-grade setup.

If you want something a little more budget-friendly then the HS403R might be the right choice for you. It’s a simple, budget based optic that offers professional performance. The HS403R is a compact red dot with a 2 MOA reticle. The HS403R presents 12 brightness settings with 10 daylight and 2-night vision settings. The HS403Ris a simple option that’s plenty effective. It’s not fancy, but it’s tough and affordable. Holosun makes a 3X magnifier that’s affordable priced and will get you setup for anything within 300 yards.

Something to Clean the Thing

When I was working with the Romanian military I watched their guys clean their AKs with diesel fuel, boot laces, and cut-up shirts used as rags. It worked, smelled terrible, but it worked. You can take that route and diesel is only a couple bucks a gallon, however, I suggest a little more refinement.

Replace the bootlace with a Hoppes 30 caliber bore snake to clean out all that Wolf and Tulaammo crud. Keep that bore nice and shiney.

One of the greatest inventions for firearm maintenance, the bore snake is similar to a fat shoelace.

One of the greatest inventions for firearm maintenance, the bore snake is similar to a fat shoelace.

The OTIS Bone tool is a simple scraper that allows you rough up the junk that stick, clings, and burns to the bolt throughout those long-range sessions.

Speaking of Otis the 30 cal Patriot cleaning kit is the way to go for cleaning your ole AKs. It’s modern, easy to pack, and works.

We’ll finish on Otis because for less than ten bucks they have this Rust Stopper storage bag that allows you to bury the AK for partisan needs….or just keep rust-free for traveling or long term storage.

Real Avid is a company I used for a lot of my gun tools. They make a ton of neat stuff that goes above and beyond what most companies get around to. The Real Avid AK 47 Micro Tool is a handy pocket sized tool any AK owner should have. It packs the following tools for the Kalashcovience, Pin Punch, Cutter, Gas Piston Shift Scraper, Front Sight Adjuster, Gas Piston Face Scraper, Gas Tube Removal Lever Extender, Ruler, and of course a Bottle Opener.

The AK Gift Guide for AK Guys

Merry Kalashmas to everyone and I hope your presents overrunneth like Afghans on Russian positions. Ouch.. too soon? The AK Series of rifles will always be prolific and have truly cut their way into world history. It’s not a stretch to call it the second most popular semi-auto rifle in the United States. Hopefully our lit AK Gift Guide has made shopping a little easier for the AK enthusiast in your life.

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

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