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Earlier in September of this year, Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. went into an agreement to pay $30 million for the Marlin assets that were being sold off from the Remington brand. The acquisition officially took place on November 24th with Ruger reportedly paying nearly $2 million less for the acquisition than initially planned. Finally, on December 7th, 2020 Ruger announced that it would be expanding its Mayodan, North Carolina Firearms Manufacturing plant by an additional 60 members.

Ruger Mayodan Firearms Plant to Add 60 New Jobs

Ruger Mayodan Firearms Plant to Add 60 New Jobs

The Mayodan firearms plant was officially opened by Ruger in 2013 when it purchased a 220,000 square foot plant and promised the community that it would add at least 473 jobs and spend at least $26 million on capital investments over the coming five years. Now, with its recent absorption of Marlin, Ruger is adding an additional 60 members to its Mayodan workforce, however, It is unclear whether or not this job expansion was directly related to the acquisition of Marlin.

Ruger Mayodan Firearms Plant to Add 60 New Jobs

In addition to the 60 new jobs, Ruger also plans on investing approximately $10 million at the Mayodan site over the next three years. The new jobs are expected to pay an average of $44,033 per year which is almost a full $10,000 more than Rockingham County’s average wage. Ruger will be reportedly hiring production associates and supervisors for this new operation.

Although Ruger sources have not officially stated that this $10 million dollar investment and 60 job expansion into the Mayodan plant is directly related to the Marlin acquisition, we can make some speculation based off of comments by CEO Christopher Killoy from back in October where he stated that a significant portion of the Malin production would be directed towards the plant in Mayodan and that they additionally planned to have re-introductions of Marlin rifles by the latter half of 2021.

Ruger Mayodan Firearms Plant to Add 60 New Jobs

Image: Gunsamerica

If you are in the North Carolina area and are perhaps seeking a job within the firearms industry, then be sure to keep an eye on for listings in the North Carolina area from Ruger as I am sure they will show up when Ruger officially begins the hiring process.

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