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SIG Cross Recall: Potential Safety Concern For All Cross Rifles

SIG Sauer has just announced a safety recall for all Cross bolt action rifles. The SIG Cross recall is related to a delayed discharge observed in a single rifle and confirmed after it was returned to SIG for further evaluation. SIG advises owners to stop using their rifles, immediately unload them and contact customer service for guidance. Additional details can be found below.

SIG Cross Recall: Potential Safety Concern For All Cross Rifles

SIG Cross Recall: Potential Safety Concern For All Cross Rifles



  •  Stop using and unload your CROSS Rifle immediately.
  • Please enter your serial number. If your serial number is included in the recall you will be directed to a product return registration page.
  • Please review the following communication.

Safety Recall Notice: SIG SAUER Cross Bolt-Action Rifles

NEWINGTON, N.H., (November 25, 2020) – Today Sig Sauer, Inc. is announcing a safety recall for the CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle, and consumers should immediately discontinue use of the rifle.  This recall applies to all CROSS Bolt-Action rifles currently manufactured.

Sig Sauer has viewed an online video that presents a single CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle with a potential safety concern.  This gun has been returned to Sig Sauer and upon evaluation it has been confirmed that the rifle exhibited a delayed discharge after the trigger was pulled.  Sig Sauer has decided to issue a safety recall in order to implement a modification to the firing action to address this potential safety concern.

To register for the recall process please visit sigsauer.com/crossrecall or call Sig Sauer Customer Service at 603-610-3000, option 1.  Following registration Sig Sauer will further communicate with you to arrange for the return of your rifle to Sig Sauer for the safety improvement.  All shipment and replacement costs will be covered by Sig Sauer.

Sig Sauer is committed to providing the highest quality, industry leading firearms in the marketplace and is requesting that consumers take immediate action and follow the recall process as described.

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