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A mistake that some folks make concerning criminals is thinking that they are folks like us that are having a bad day. All criminals are sociopaths.

In the general population, the percentage of true psychopaths is low, perhaps one in 1000, and most control their behavior, to an extent.

In prison, one-quarter to one-half of the violent inmates are psychopaths. Many burglars are under the influence of drugs.

Their behavior may be manic, hyper, and they have elevated blood pressure and blurred vision.

As an example, I had a rather unpleasant dealing with a fellow who mixed Ativan, Librium, Valium, Depakote and whatever else they could use (and survive).

These fellows also drop Benadryl, a normally beneficial drug, but not when taken in handfuls, to “even things out.”

Then, they may drink three full cups of coffee rapidly, with six-to-eight sugar packs in each cup.

Just imagine the effect — I was a police sergeant at the time and each of us ended up in the emergency room.

His injuries were more permanent than my own, but it took weeks to recover.

I suppose he is telling the story from his perspective somewhere at the moment, providing he has survived the interceding decade since this incident.

The point is, the danger is real and there are people in this world that will not hesitate to take your life in order to escape.

Others feel that causing human suffering in the form of various assaults is an enjoyable experience.

Burglar Gun History

By the same token, you must understand that personal defense is a deadly-serious business and you must be certain you are on both good legal and moral ground.

The only time you are justified in firing is when there is no choice and the actions of the adversary are so terrible that they must be stopped.

It must not matter morally or legally if the offender dies as a result of being stopped. A curious kid or a drunken neighbor arriving at the wrong home isn’t fair game.

The situation must be legitimate personal defense. Being in fear of your life is one thing, in danger for your life another.

Some folks panic way too soon over things that are a matter of course on a daily basis for some of us. That being said, you need a burglar gun.

The burglar gun has been a mainstay of citizens for several-hundred years, beginning with a blunderbuss.

Despite the general impression of rural folks as gun owners, the original burglar gun was generally advertised for city dwellers.

Specially designed short-barrel shotguns were marketed well into the 1930s.

Quite a few interesting burglar guns were outlawed by the firearms acts of 1934, such as short-barrel rifles and shotguns, and fully-automatic weapons, except in the case of reams of Federal paperwork.

Traditional shotgun burglar gun
The humble Rock Island Traditional 20-gauge is a great home defender.

Option #1: Shotguns

After quite a bit of study, it seems that there are many obvious answers to the burglar gun. The firearm must be both safe and accessible.

A firearm that may fire if dropped isn’t a good choice. A long gun should never be at the ready with a round in the chamber. It should be easily made ready.

While I feel that one of the fast-handling shotguns with an 18-inch barrel is a good choice, by the same token, every incident I am aware of in which a shotgun was used for home defense involved a 24 to 28-inch barrel sporting shotgun!

Just the same, both storage and deployment are easier with the shorter-barrel shotgun. A single-shot shotgun is inexpensive and may be kept at ready with the action open and chamber loaded.

Some feature a transfer-bar ignition and are among a few long arms safe to keep at home ready with the chamber loaded.

While a minimum standard for home defense, a single-shot shotgun loaded with buckshot hits harder than any handgun at close range.

The shotgun handles largely by feel. The shotgun swings naturally and hits are easy to come by at close range for those that practice.

While I prefer a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun for most uses, the 20-gauge shotgun is a viable home defender with lighter recoil.

A good thing about pump-action shotguns is that a good, reliable pump-action shotgun is affordable.

A good choice in semi-automatic shotguns is one of the Turkish shotguns based on the Benelli models. They are reliable, if not as well finished as the Beretta and Benelli shotguns they are based on.

Just the same, they are excellent firearms and offer real value. The shotgun should be loaded with buckshot.

Lighter shot isn’t as effective, as it is designed to kill an animal weighing a few ounces. #1, #4 or #00 buckshot is well-suited to home defense.

In 20-gauge, #3 is generally the only buckshot available.

Pump-Action Shotgun
The pump-action shotgun is easily maintained.

Option #2: Rifles

The AR-15 is America’s rifle and a great home defender. If a takeover robbery or event of this type is a real threat — and for some it may be — a .223 rifle is a very capable choice for a burglar gun.

.223 rifle with soft-point ammunition will usually not over-penetrate a body and will break up on building material.

If you have an AR-15 rifle and do not wish to use a hard-kicking shotgun, then it is certainly an option. If proofed for reliability, a 9mm carbine may be another choice.

A rifle that has accounted for quite a few burglars in my home state is a .22-caliber rifle.

A reliable .22 semi-automatic rifle is easy to use well, accurate and offers a credible choice for the entire family.

Colt AR-15 Rifle
The Colt M4 is a standard by which all others are judged, you may just need one.

Option #3: Handguns

Handguns are the weapon of opportunity. They may be carried concealed and ready to answer a threat in an instant.

I do not consider the pistol to be a weapon to use to fight my way to a long gun, but a weapon to use to respond to and address an immediate threat.

When you are bedding down at night, a long gun is the more effective firearm to have at ready. The handgun that is carried during the day is usually set beside the bed at night.

However, there is no reason not to keep a dedicated home-defense firearm at ready that could not be easily concealed. The firearm must be secured in a gun safe when you are not home.

Long gun or handgun, the piece should be in the gun safe and then set up in the bedroom for night duty. Don’t neglect this drill or you may return home to face your own gun!

A longslide pistol, such as the GLOCK 34 9mm, is a fine choice for home defense. These firearms demonstrate greater velocity from their long barrel as a result of a full powder burn.

A longslide 9mm or .45 caliber handgun points well and offers good control. My personal longslide GLOCK wears XS RAM night sights.

It is loaded with the Federal 124-grain Hydra-Shok, a reliable performer. A full-size CZ 75 9mm is another good choice. A revolver is a good choice for many shooters.

The revolver has certain advantages in handling at close range, including the ability to place the barrel against the adversary’s body and keep firing.

A quality six-inch barrel .38 Special or .357 Magnum revolver is controllable, points like a finger and offers excellent hit probability.

The snub-nose .38 is a good choice for those dedicated to mastering the piece. I have known several women over the years that slept with a .38 under the pillow.

Once, a single woman working odd hours had awoken to a burglar at the foot her bed. A long gun or even a handgun that she could not have instantly deployed would have been worthless.

A revolver shoved between the mattress and box springs, butt out, or under the edge of the pillow, has allowed many a young woman and widow alike a good night’s sleep!

Please practice with what you deploy. Don’t waste an expensive and presently limited amount of ammunition on sloppy practice.

You never know when a detail you have missed might have saved your life. Practice hard with your burglar gun and practice close-range skills.

Four revolvers of different sizes
Any of these revolvers are good choices for home defense. The longer-barrel, heavy-frame revolvers are much easier to use well.

Another Option: Alarms

Alarms? If you are a sound sleeper you are lucky, this is good for your health.

Thank God I work at home, as I am plagued by hours of sleep interrupted by intervals of work, including one to three in the morning.

(It worked for Sandburg and it works for me.) Remember, snap awake quickly in case of danger!

Don’t run to check on a break-in and forget your gun, it has happened. Some type of alarm or warning is good to have.

Mine runs on four feet and has a 102.4 temperature. She is my granddaughter’s best friend, a Canine Lupus Dingo, not quite a dog but neither a wolf.

She is related to the Canaan dog, New Guinea Digger, Dingo or Carolina dog, classed as a Pariah dog.

I don’t know if this gentle creature would bite, but she has teeth. She alerts when UPS or FedEx shows up, and has a different bark for the children or for a stranger.

She doesn’t miss much. She will give a warning. During the day she often rests in a burrow she has dug in the backyard, it is in her genes, and crawls into the bedroom closet at night.

I have not had to train her at all, she is territorial. A smaller breed would be just as good an alarm.

A Giant Schnauzer or a German Sheppard are famously intelligent. Don’t mistreat them, give them love and they will not be dangerous, but they will be a good alarm.

Take home security seriously. The world is a dangerous place, all the more so for those that are unprepared.

What is your burglar gun? Why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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