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We have great news for those of you who prefer longer dispensers with more candy in it. GunMag Warehouse is now selling even more forties. They’re in stock and shipping now: 40 round magazine options (ETS mags, specifically) for the VP9, 40 round ETS mags for the M&P, and 40 round ETS mags for the SIG P320 (all in 9mm). Cue the celebratory gunfire! 

MacGruber shooting

Not really. Celebratory gunfire is stupid and dangerous. Besides, at today’s ammo prices it is financially irresponsible. 

The new magazines in the 40 round Extendo lineup can be found at the following links:

ETS 40 round extended magazine for HK VP9 9mm

ETS 40 round extended magazine for S&W M&P 9mm

ETS 40 round extended magazine for SIG SAUER P320 9mm


HK VP9 40-round magazine

All the magazines listed here are from Elite Tactical Systems, and all are polymer. Which you probably already knew, but it never hurts to be specific. There is always one window-licker in the crowd who’ll find a reason to complain no one warned him his water was wet. 


Some 40-Round Magazine Details

SIG P320 9mm ETS 40 round mag:

 Boosts the capacity of your Sig Sauer P320 pistol to over double the standard full-size capacity.

Made with advanced polymer, this magazine resists damage from temperature, UV light, chemicals, and impacts or drops. It’s also designed and reinforced to be stored loaded, ensuring that the feed lips won’t be damaged by long-term storage.

The baseplate is user-serviceable and can be removed for cleaning without any tools. The high-strength steel spring provides consistent feeding round after round.


S&W M&P 9mm ETS 40 round mag:

Offers over double the capacity of a full-size M&P magazine, this mag will keep you shooting all day long.

Advanced Polymer— Resistant to heat, cold, chemicals, UV light, and impacts, this polymer is engineered for ultimate durability.

Translucent Color— The see-through coloration allows shooters to quickly check the amount of ammo they have remaining, or which type of ammo is in the magazine.

Easy Disassembly— For easier cleaning, this magazine can be easily disassembled without any tools.


HK VP9 9mm ETS 40 round mag: 

Offers premium features and over double the capacity of the standard VP9 magazine.

This magazine features a high-strength steel spring for consistent feeding and a user-serviceable baseplate, which allows for easy cleaning and toolless disassembly.

Advanced polymer construction provides the magazine with heat, cold, UV light, and chemical resistance. It’s also designed to absorb impacts and be stored loaded without experiencing damage or deformation.

Get the most firepower out of your VP9 with this 40-round magazine from VP9.

40 round magazines

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