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Most gun owners know about the many anti-gun proposals Joe Biden and Kamala Harris advocated for during their campaign. In fact, those unconstitutional proposals mirror many of the gun-ban schemes contained in the latest Democrat Platform—the party’s official policy document. But one politician, Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm, is attempting to fight this radical agenda by turning his state into a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Oklahoma to Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary?

Despite election results still in question because of pending lawsuits, many are already calling Biden the president-elect. However, the thought of having Biden as Commander in Chief has Dahm looking for ways to protect Sooner State citizens. He’s specifically concerned about expected overreach regarding the Second Amendment.

According to a report at News9.com, Dahm is drafting legislation to make Oklahoma a Second Amendment Sanctuary State; this could protect citizens from Biden’s plan to ban so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines, institute gun registration through so-called “universal” background checks, and run lawful gunmakers out of business by killing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

Dahm said the legislation would mean that “those cities, those states, those counties that enact this will not implement any unconstitutional gun control measures.”

“A lot of how the feds try to implement these things is through local law enforcement, whether it’s county sheriffs, local police departments, and they try to attach funding to that to force those cities and counties to do that,” Dahm told News 9. “So what we could do is make sure that those cities and counties don’t accept any federal funding to implement any gun control measures.”

Multiple Attempts Already

Gun-ban proponents are crying foul over the proposal, as expected. However, Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, says it’s nothing new. He said the measure is much like the Second Amendment Protection Act that’s been proposed several times in the past.

“The fact is, Sen. Dahm and OK 2A have introduced this bill at least four, five or six times,” Spencer said. 

Unfortunately, and likely shocking to many Oklahoma gun owners, its not Democrats responsible for the bill’s failing.

“The Republicans have killed it in the state Senate each time,” Spencer said. “The Republicans are the problem of why you cannot get pro-Second Amendment legislation done in the state of Oklahoma. We have a supermajority in the Senate, a supermajority in the House and we have the Governor’s office, so there is no one else to blame.”

Committee Assignment Key

Spencer said that since the higher education lobby doesn’t want to see pro-2A legislation passed and the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce always lobbies against such measures, Senate leaders quietly kill bills. They do this by assigning them to committees where they know the measures will never be considered. One notable exception remains this spring’s passage of the nation’s first anti-red flag law. It received a favorable committee assignment in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee then easily passed the legislature, and Gov. Kevin Stitt singed into law in May.

However, that doesn’t mean that Dahm’s newest measure will meet a grim fate; that goes double considering the widespread dissatisfaction among many gun owners over the questionable presidential election results. Heightened concerns from gun owners might be the necessary push state lawmakers need for this legislation and others this year.

“You can call it anger, or you can call it fear,” Spencer said. “I think the possibility of it getting some traction and moving is better now than before. But again, if it doesn’t move it’s because of the Oklahoma State Senate leadership.”

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