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ODIN Works Enduro suppressor, which was first introduced at SHOT Show 2020, is now available for purchase. This new can has a modular tubeless design allowing to change its overall length by adding or removing baffle sections. It is also a multi-caliber suppressor capable of handling pretty much any cartridge of up to 9mm caliber and .338 Lapua Magnum power.


ODIN Works Enduro suppressor has a removable thread adapter available in 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 thread pitch options for direct thread mounting. Additionally, you can purchase an adapter to use the suppressor with the ODIN Works OSM muzzle brake and the suppressor body is threaded with the standard 1.375×24 thread pitch making it compatible with a variety of other mounts such as SilencerCo ASR and Q Plan-B. The thread adapter is screwed into the stainless steel blast chamber which is followed by two steel baffles, five 7075 aluminum baffles and an aluminum end cap. The Enduro suppressor comes with a 9mm end cap however you can also purchase 5.56mm, 6.5mm and 7.62mm end caps to tailor the can to the caliber of your gun.

ODIN Works ENDURO (11)

Left to right: thread adapter, blast chamber, two steel baffles, five aluminum baffles, end cap.

The maximum overall length of Enduro suppressor with all its baffles assembled is 8.25″. The outer diameter is 1.5″ and it weighs in at 19 oz. The different components of the suppressor have black anodized or Cerakote finishes. This suppressor is not full-auto rated. The decibel reduction numbers are shown in the table below.

 Enduro  Unsuppressed  Full Configuration     Direct Thread  Full Configuration     Quick  Detach
 223 16″ Barrel  AVG: 164.7  AVG: 129  AVG: 126.73
 308 18″ Barrel  AVG: 165.1  AVG: 130.73  AVG: 131.43
 300 Win 24″ Barrel  AVG: 164.3  AVG: 132.8

The ODIN Works Enduro suppressor is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $749. The package includes a disassembly wrench. The optional end caps cost $30 and for an extra thread adapter, you’ll need to pay $50. The Enduro suppressor is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Images by ODIN Works, www.odinworks.com

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