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Galco Gunleather recommends carrying extra ammo, and they offer a menu of options to this end.

Since 1969, Phoenix’s Galco Gunleather (originally from Chicago and called “The Famous Jackass Leather Company”) has produced a vast spectrum of shooting accoutrements. From holsters to concealed carry purses and fanny packs to med kits, their products offer something for nearly everyone who carries. If you do carry a firearm, its typically a good idea to pack some extra ammo.

There are a number of ways to do this, with kydex IWB mag carriers being one of the most popular options. Galco offers dozens of their own variants in an array of materials and configurations. They believe that now is a timely opportunity to bring attention to the importance of spare mags.


If you appreciate exotic animal skin goods, you can access some of those materials in your mag carrier - like this ostrich-skin pouch.

If you appreciate exotic animal skin goods, you can access some of those materials in your mag carrier – like this ostrich-skin pouch.

Here’s Galco’s press release in full:


With major civil unrest gripping several large American cities, it’s more important than ever to carry extra ammunition along with one’s chosen defensive handgun. Fortunately, Galco offers many ways to do just that!

Carriers of double stack semiautos, with many rounds already on board, may prefer to carry a single spare magazine. Leather belt carriers like the Concealable™ Magazine Carrier, Quick Magazine Carrier, and SMC orient the mag in the traditional vertical position. Those who prefer Kydex to leather can select the Kydex Single Magazine Carrier.

Many shooters prefer horizontal mag carry, and Galco has them covered with the HMC™. For yet deeper concealment, look to the IWBMC, the perfect companion to an IWB holster.

Gun carriers who prefer single stack pistols may want to carry a pair of spare magazines, and of course many who carry double stack pistols feel more secure with two extra mags. Galco’s DMC™, DMP™, M11X and Kydex Double Magazine Carrier all carry two magazines ready for instant reloading.

Revolver shooters might need spare ammo even more than semiauto carriers, and Galco covers them with both the 2x2x2™ cartridge carrier, Belt Speedloader Carrier and the E-Z loader™.

And finally, of course, Galco’s flagship line of defensive shoulder holster systems offer the grab-and-go convenience of two full reloads carried on the side opposite the handgun.

See Galco’s complete line of ammo carriers at!


You can expand your concealed cache with Galco's multi-mag offerings.

You can expand your concealed cache with Galco’s multi-mag offerings.

Do you include additional magazines in your every day carry? How do you prefer to haul them? Have you tried any of Galco’s solutions, or do you think one might work for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See you at the range.

Photos courtesy of Galco Gunleather.

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