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SOLGW (Sons of Liberty GunWorks) is rolling out their products to more retailers than ever, thanks to their new partnership with Crow Shooting Supply.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works is better known in the firearms community as SOLGW, for short. Since establishing operations in San Antonio, Texas in 2014, they have quickly grown to become a highly sought-after and well-regarded source of AR-15 components and complete firearms. Bearing the self-assigned descriptor, “A superior manufacture of high quality, hard-use, direct impingement freedom tools,” SOLGW offers a wide range of ARs. You can opt for a basic “Legacy” M4-style 16″ version at a $949 MSRP, to a Sage Dynamics 12.5″ special edition for $1400, to an upgraded “Super Loaded Pro Rifle Package” for $2549 that even includes an optic and weaponlight – and many more models.

You can have your SOLGW blaster in mild or wild flavors, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences.

You can have your SOLGW blaster in mild or wild flavors, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences.

An integral component of SOLGW’s branding, beyond the obvious tributary references to America’s rebellious founding, is owner Mike Mihalski. Mike is the brand’s ubiquitous leader, spokesman, customer service liaison, internet troll confronter, marketing ambassador, and much more. He’s known for commenting and replying on a monumental number of social media pages, posts, and groups involving or referencing his company, and many that only concern the firearms industry or AR-15s in general. There is something of a running joke on the Gunternet that if you post a question anywhere about SOLGW, even without any tags or notifications, Mike will somehow pop up out of nowhere to personally respond. He is also quick to address any customer concerns or issues, and has repeatedly offered people his direct personal support – sometimes including his personal cell phone number – rather than simply referring them to an impersonal automated line or e-form, as many other companies tend to do. This bold, perhaps somewhat outlandish, and occasionally even brazen personality serves to enhance the atmosphere around the brand that is borne out of the good reputation of the guns themselves. With this, many firearms enthusiasts will be glad to learn that it will soon become easier to access SOLGW products. With the following press release, they’ve announced a new distribution partnership that is meant to bring the complete product line to retailers in every part of the nation. The release reads:

Owner Mike Mihalski appears to really like what he does.

Owner Mike Mihalski appears to really like what he does.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW) Announces Distribution Partnership with Crow Shooting Supply

San Antonio, Texas (October 23, 2020) Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW) is pleased to announce the launch of a distribution partnership with Crow Shooting Supply, a family-owned wholesale distributor of firearms and shooting accessories based in Montezuma, IA. Crow Shooting Supply has an expansive reach, supplying both smaller retail gun shops and major sporting goods stores and government agencies.

Effective immediately, the partnership means consumers in all 50 states will have access to the complete line of SOLGW firearms and accessories, which set an industry standard for durability, quality control, and after-purchase support.

“This is a partnership based on chemistry and shared values. It was an easy choice to work with them as we grow our brand and expand into new markets where we are not well-known,” says Mike Mihalski, co-owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works. “We have a great bond with our existing dealers, and we are maintaining those relationships. This new partnership with Crow Shooting Supply is simply the next step in our growth as a company. It expands our reach everywhere. We’re going to be able to put our firearms and accessories into the hands of customers nationwide at both small retail stores and at major sporting goods stores…except for Dick’s.”

Crow Shooting Supply is a family-owned national wholesale distributor of firearms, ammunition reloading components, and shooting accessories. Proudly serving retail gun shops, major sporting goods stores, gun clubs, shooting ranges, and government agencies for 35 years, Crow is a full-line supplier of nearly 140 of the world’s premier shooting industry manufacturers and prides itself on customizing products for individual customers. Visit their website at

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW) manufactures high-quality AR-15s, gun parts, and accessories. They have proudly produced hard-use guns for use by civilians and numerous government entities since 2014. The domestically produced firearms and accessories they produce are carefully tested and designed to meet or exceed any customer demand. For more information, visit

Photos courtesy of SOLGW.

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