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Though it’s getting little news coverage outside the 2A community, the issue of guns continues to shape the landscape of this presidential election. The specter of an ominous gun control platform hangs over the Biden-Harris ticket. And the Biden promise to clamp down on firearms is driving gun sales in a year where new gun ownership was already exploding like never before.

Biden Gun Sales Surge Potentially Reshapes Conversation on 2A

This past year has already seen gun sales grow in record numbers. First a global pandemic put the country on edge when runs on supplies sent many first-time buyers out to gun stores. Then social unrest exploded into the streets, so more people raced to gun stores in droves. Now the most anti-gun ticket in this country’s history attempts to gain control of the White House. And the American people are talking with gun purchases.

A Biden-Harris White House will attempt to ban modern sporting rifles. It will make it nearly impossible to own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. They will then turn to systematically eroding the protections for gun companies from frivolous lawsuits; that stroke will enable liberal lawyers to attack manufacturers and bleed them dry, a death of a thousand cuts.

“New regulations could easily be passed if a Biden win also coincides with the Democrats taking the Senate, since they already have the House,” claimed a Reuters report. “Fearing a likely clampdown, Americans have been rushing out to stock up on guns. Federal background checks, a proxy for firearm sales, surged to a record 28.8 million in just the first nine months of the year, topping the previous record of 28.4 million set last year.”

Biden Gun Sales Caps Insane 2020

A global pandemic, rioting in the streets, calls to defund police and the most anti-gun campaign in American history collide to create a new era in American gun buying. Blacks, liberals, women

“Blacks, liberals and women have joined in as new buyers,” Reuters reported. “First-time buyers made up 40-percent of gun sales so far this year.”

Yet the Democratic Party, its national leadership, still wants to take your guns. And the American people, they’ll be no more safer than before this massive gun control charade began. Instead, America will take a tone familiar in Chicago, where only the criminals carry guns.

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