5 Good Remington Loads to Consider


If you know anything about guns, you’ve probably heard of Remington.

Remington is a firearms company with a rich history in the industry that dates back to 1816.

Along with making great firearms, they also manufacture good ammunition loads for target shooting, plinking at the range and personal defense.

Here are five of the best Remington loads on the market today.

1. .45 Colt 230-Grain JHP

Among my favorite calibers is the .45 Colt. I enjoy handloading for this caliber and I am never happier than when firing single-action revolvers.

Of course, there are also double-action .45 Colt revolvers and lever-action rifles as well. There are even .45 Colt Derringers.

There are many lead bullet cowboy loads and a few +P loads for hunting, but few purpose-designed defense loads. The Remington 230-grain JHP is an exception.

At 850 to 900 fps depending on barrel length, this is a hard-hitting loading using a bullet with a soft lead core and a think copper jacket.

The balance of expansion and penetration is excellent. Accuracy in my Traditions 1873 revolver has been good to excellent.

This is a unique offering with much merit.

Remington .45 Colt Ammo
The .45 Colt is a hard-hitting caliber. Remington’s 230-grain JHP High Terminal Performance is a good choice.

2. Golden Saber 124-Grain JHP 9mm Luger

The Golden Saber is among the most proven bullet designs in the world. The Golden Saber uses the brass jacket as a wounding mechanism.

The jacket expands well in every test I have conducted. The Golden Saber 9mm Luger develops 1,200 fps in my CZ 75 Omega and 1,140 fps in the shorter-barreled Wilson Combat Beretta 92G.

Recoil is modest and accuracy is excellent. The reliability of the Golden Saber loading in a wide variety of handguns and carbines is well proven.

This is a fine all-around 9mm Luger defensive load.

Beretta 92 pistol with magazine and 9mm Luger ammunition
The author often loads his Wilson Combat Beretta with the proven Golden Saber 9mm Luger JHP.

3. Remington UMC 115-Grain 9mm Luger

There are many types of FMJ 9mm Luger ammunition. Most are made as cheaply as possible.

Even with practice ammunition, we should demand complete reliability.

The affordable Remington UMC load is always reliable. A clean powder burn is important in a loading that will be fired in quantities greater than defensive loads.

Another advantage is that the Remington UMC line is usually as accurate as the more expensive personal-defense loadings.

I keep a good supply of this affordable and accurate loading on hand.

Remington 9mm Luger Ammo
The 115-grain FMJ Remington UMC loading is a great all-around practice load.

4. Remington 12-Gauge Buckshot

Remington 00 buckshot features the famous Power Piston wad. The shotgun wad is extremely important to the shotgun pattern and the load’s consistency.

The Remington Power Piston load in 00 buck offers real consistency and excellent predicted patterns well past usual shotgun ranges.

Remington also offers a Managed Recoil 00 buckshot load and also a personal-defense load using smaller #4 buckshot.

These loads are good, hard-hitting and most of all reliable loads for personal-defense use.

I often keep my Benelli loaded with one of the formidable Remington loads.

Remington 12-gauge loads
Remington buckshot with the Power Piston wad is a proven and reliable performer.

5. Remington 123-Grain 7.62x39mm

Remington makes many good rifle loads. The Remington Power-Lokt is a first-class design, simple enough, but effective.

Remington offers other advanced loads and quite a few magnum loads with an excellent reputation.

An overlooked medium-sized rifle cartridge is the 7.62x39mm Russian. This cartridge is similar to the .30-30 Winchester in power.

The 7.62x39mm offers light recoil and excellent accuracy in the right firearms. The CZ 527 American rifle is a neat, fast handling and accurate little rifle.

Most steel-cased FMJ ammunition is manufactured for economy, not accuracy. These loads do not demonstrate high accuracy potential.

The Remington 123-grain JSP offers excellent accuracy potential. The soft-point bullet expands well.

This load is well suited for thin-skinned game at modest ranges.

Remington 7.62x39mm Ammo
If you are looking for a low-recoil, mid-range cartridge, don’t overlook the 7.62x39mm cartridge and Remington’s Core-Lokt loading.

Conclusion: Remington Loads

These are just a few of many excellent Remington loads. These are proven in long use and testing.

The Green and Yellow box offers real quality.

What are some of your favorite Remington loads? Let us know in the comments section below!

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